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The Fertile Soul Internship Opportunities 

For professionals, The Fertile Soul offers a couple opportunities for participating in Dr. Lewis's program - Onsite Retreat events and Online Webinar events. Although these are not Practitioner-Only events, we do allow professionals to attend all Fertile Soul Retreats. We ask that you attend the events just as every other guest and immerse yourself into our "True Fertility" program without the labels of practitioner and patient.

Each event offers NCCAOM CEU's (13 total) as a live event webinar and/or a distance learning event. Some events may have California credits. (please contact us prior to the event if you need CA credits)

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The Fertile Soul retreat brings you to an understanding of balance according to Chinese medicine and the identification of patterns of imbalance that have shown up as "infertility". We utilize a time-tested blend of lectures, reproductive massage techniques, qi gong, yoga, cognitive restructuring, relaxation techniques, and identifying and releasing limiting beliefs and life stressors. We focus on improving circulation to and response from the reproductive system. We utilize deep and powerful energy healing techniques to remove mental barriers, which show up as physical obstructions.

Group sharing and connection with new friends who understand is a key part of the experience. All aspects of the program build your awareness of your imbalances from an Eastern medicine perspective and support your healing. Over the course of a single retreat, Dr. Lewis and the Fertile Soul staff, and your new community will lead you to a place of renewed fertile expression, hope and support.


We are now offering the The Fertile Soul retreat process online, in the comfort of your own home and at your own time convenience! 

Dr. Lewis has helped women overcome very devastating reproductive issues, like advanced maternal age, poor ovarian response, high FSH, low AMH, endometriosis, POF, autoimmune implantation failure, PCOS, and recurrent miscarriage. She requires everybody she works with to attend her powerful retreat process. 

Instruction will be provided on Chinese medical therapy, internal inquiry regarding causative factors of reproductive dysfunction; dietary therapy, nutritional supplementation, individualized herbal formulation, reproductive massage, stress reduction, and qi gong meditative exercises. We will dive into deeper causative issues like, how do imbalances arise? What does my outlook have to do with my reproductive functioning? Dr. Lewis will share her revolutionary healing process and help you relate to your fertility in a natural, healthy, and open way.

Women who have attended the retreat process have called it life changing. While it definitely improves their fertility quotient, it also can empower women to approach their fertility in far more positive ways. We can help you, whether or not you are trying to conceive naturally, or undergoing assisted reproductive technology.


Access to computer with consistent internet connection REQUIRED. Headphones and speaker/microphone RECOMMENDED.

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