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Twenty-two IVF cycles (19 patients) were randomized with thirteen patients completing the study (14 cycles). Five cycles were not completed due to poor response to ovarian stimulation (4 in the sham group,one in the real group). Other reasons for incomplete cycles (all in the sham group) included a persistent ovarian cyst, no viable embryos for transfer and personal reasons. The overall cycle cancellation rate was 32% compared to a 22% cycle cancellation rate for non study patients of a similar age treated at this center during a similar time period (p>.05). In the 13 patients analyzed, the mean age was 35 years old (SD=4.03). There was no statistical difference between true and sham acupuncture groups with respect to age (Sham: Mean=35, SD=4.6, Real: Mean=34, SD=4.6). Additionally, there was no significant difference between groups in highest basal FSH, number of oocytes retrieved, or number of embryos transferred. There was a significantly higher chemical pregnancy rate (80% versus 11.0%) in patients receiving true acupuncture compared to sham acupuncture (p<.05). The clinical pregnancy rates and the take home baby rates showed a strong trend towards a higher rate with acupuncture treatment though the difference was not statistically significant (60% real treatment vs. 11% sham treatment, p>.05.). Regarding the questionnaire, only one patient correctly guessed their group assignment (real acupuncture). All patients rated their experience as very positive or positive.