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The Fertile Soul Retreat


The Fertile Soul’s Body Wisdom Retreat

- Let the Soft Animal of Your Body Love What it Loves – Mary Oliver


Dr. Randine Lewis pioneered “Meridian Movement Therapy”, using the five energetic movements of the elements to work through obstructions of body, mind, and spirit, to help women become more vibrantly fertile. Taoist Body Wisdom is the ancient yoga also known as Tao Yin, the feminine way of embodying our most creative states of being. Infertility struggles can leave one with unresolved health issues, poor body image, or a disconnected physical relationship. If the body becomes an adversary, expecting it to produce a child is almost impossible. We will guide you through and beyond psychoemotional issues, held physically, and into the inherent joy held within your cellular makeup.


Dr. Lewis, author of The Infertility Cure, and The Way of the Fertile Soul has helped numerous women overcome the devastating diagnosis of “infertility” through her ground breaking work that is now offered to all women of all ages and levels of health/fitness. (You do not need to be on the fertility journey to attend.) Our two day Body Wisdom retreat will bring you back in love with your own physical being. Learn to trust and move your body in a way to maximize the flow of your own body’s movement in life. This is the most direct and intense fertility practice that Dr. Lewis teaches. Dr. Lewis has worked with women that, like herself, she calls “recovering intellectuals”, who have lived life through their heads rather than their bodies. TFS body wisdom is a kind but powerful method of tuning directly into the wisdom of the body to discover and overcome blockages to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


While most enlightenment practices are male oriented – focusing on overcoming the mind; TFS Body Wisdom is for women, who experience life through the intimacy of their bodies.


Our bodies know what we need. Our bodies long for what we want most – a truly united state of intimacy with ourselves: unfragmented, undivided, and whole. Issues like infertility, autoimmune conditions, and cancer are all manifestations of inner division. Their first appearance lies in subtle obstructions – sometimes we intuit that something is out of sorts, but our minds can’t find what is wrong. We may blame our spouses, our jobs, or some aspect of our external life. Our bodies always know – the answer lies within.


Answer the most profound call you’ve ever heard – the inner voice that draws you deep within to the embodied awareness of your own divinity. TFS Body Wisdom is based upon non-resistance: that every single symptom – physically, mentally, or emotionally, is not a pain to get rid of, but an invitation to listen to ones inner knowing.


Instruction will include:

  • Learning the energetics of TFS body wisdom
  • Group work with self inquiries into psycho-emotionally held negative belief patterns
  • Movement and meditations to move beyond these limiting belief patterns


This powerful experiential process may be the most effective and loving act you have ever taken for yourself.  Break the bonds that have held you back from the loving embrace of your deepest inner knowing. Live, move, and be the expression of love for yourself.Have you ever felt the enlivened tingling of your whole body, telling you to “go for it!” and you hesitated out of fear – instead listening to programmed doubts and fears – “what would this mean; I can’t; if only I had the courage…” And then the feeling of resonance went away, leaving you only with the scar of regret…We will go into these scars of regret and unwrap their hidden truth.


Destiny is where your genetic code meet your environment as one tingling “YES” to life. Your body feels this sense as resonance and guides you toward its fulfillment. Learn to trust your body’s intuition. Let the wisdom of your body guide you toward better health. Learn to trust your inner embodied knowing and let it guide you toward better relationships, better parenting, more abundant professional expression; learn to live from the unencumbered trust that carries the embodied wisdom of your destiny.


Instead of following any particular diet, we will teach you to listen to what your body needs. This is very different than reacting based on your tastebuds messages that you need to be filled…


Instead of following any particular physical practice, we will teach you to trust and move the way our own unique individual expression longs to move… to unravel the obstructions to living and moving according to its truth.


Bring comfortable clothes.

All meals will be on your own – however, there are many dining options just outside the hotel doors. If you do decide to leave during meal times, we recommend that you stay close during these breaks as the schedule is full and we will need to start each session promptly in order to maximize your time with Dr. Lewis.

Our staff will contact you with further retreat and travel details in an event welcome email soon after your place your order OR feel free to contact us at any time!

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The Fertile Soul Retreat