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06 - Gynecology (Tian gui activation) Webinar (RECORDING)


06 - Gynecology (Tian gui activation) Webinar (RECORDING)


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Course Length: Approx 2 hours     CEU/PDA Credits: 2 Distance     Approved: California

This module will provide the student with a workable model of activating the Tian Gui via the reverse sheng cycle. This approach differentiates treating endocrine disorders according to the forward sheng cycle; and the gynecological approach of Tian Gui activation using the reverse sheng cycle. When participants understand the functioning of the reverse energetic model (beginning with the spleen, and ending with the kidney; with the lung directing movement,) we will apply treatment plans to address various recalcitrant reproductive disorders such as amenorrhea, and luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome.

Reproductive medical ethics - This module will take an indepth look at the emotional psychology of the typical infertility patient. There has been much evidence that infertility treatments leave the patient with a syndrome similar to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD.) This course will cover topcs relevant to the field of reproductive medicine such as: guiding the patient through her treatments emotionally, and supporting the shen; not taking advantage of the fragile emotional state of the infertility patient; assessing and helping the patient to determine when treatments are no longer working, when to halt treatments; and how to emotionally go on.